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Cute Kitteh NFT

An exclusive collection for the most discerning.
Offered starting at 3.5

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Exclusive Benefits

Cute Kitteh holders get exclusive access to the Cute Kitteh Merchandise store and the Prrrfect Virtual Lounge.

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  • Poised for PAWsitive Growth

    When we feel less secure, with less control over our daily lives, we seek the comfort of felines and the growth potential of the blockchain.


    Coming Soon: Cute Kitteh Apple Watch

  • Exclusive Community

    Cattitude Tokens

    The First 3000 Cute Kitteh token owners are able to claim the Cattitude Token (CAT) for free. This is an additional interactive feature that will be realized on our website, to provide the ability to upgrade your kitteh. You can choose a fursuit for him (as an additional token) from a separate, yet related collection.

    • Blockchain Backed

      Your ownership is secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

    • Strong Community

      The Cute Kitteh community is welcoming and paw-sitive.

    • Supporting Cats

      1.5% of proceeds go to supporting cat shelters.

    • Starting in 2022

      Now is the time to join.

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  • Rare

    • Entry Level Cute Kitteh
    • Join the community
    Join Now
  • Legendary

    • A Highly Desired Kitteh
    • Shop exclusive merch
    Join Now
  • Mythical

    • The Most Sought-After
    • Access to the Kitteh Yacht (pending purchase)
    Join Now

Cute Kitteh Investors

Cute Kitteh is poised to be embraced by the world's most prestigous brands.
Negotiations pending

  • BBC
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Canon
  • Nike
  • Green Peace
  • Facebook
  • Audi
  • Warner Bros
  • Microsoft
  • Coca Cola
  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Vimeo
  • NBC
  • Sony
  • PlayStation
  • National Geographic

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